Sunday, July 19, 2009

Think, think, think ;)

Do you think? When was the last time you really sat down and thought about something? Was it a few minute ago or a few months ago? Our society is so reliant on someone else thinking for them a co-dependent culture.
Did you the news today? Was some guy on a killing spree? A serial killer. Did you ever wonder if they felt any mercy for the person as they killed them, each one of them? Or maybe they were merciless or they felt nothing. Or maybe, just maybe, they are figment of you imagination.
Do you wake up this morning or are you still dreaming? Or are you possibly in a computer generated or controlled world that will keep you there until you wake up, like in the movies the matrix?
Are people fond of you or do people hate you? Maybe as you were walking pass that person this morning and say hi and they smile and waved back, they were just doing it to make you go away. Or maybe they have a crash on you. Maybe, in the middle of that movie you were watching in English class, they were a subliminal message that said “FOOD” and so you thought you were hungry.
Is there really an afterlife or do you just die and cease to exist? A Heaven? A Hell? And ghosts. Are they there? Are they what gives you a shivers when you’re walking up in the middle of the night, wondering if someone is lurking around the corner? Aliens? Do they exist or are they just some media generated piece of America’s collection of dreams? If they do exist, are they of higher level of intelligence, lower, or the same? Would they be out to harm us, be friendly, or just be like us? Would they be us? Maybe they have blue skin, twenty tentacles on their head, and purple hair. Or maybe they look just like us and exist in some far corner of the universe. And, yes, the universe. Have you ever thought about how far the universe goes? Does it ever end? Maybe if one went far enough they’d reach some place a human’s comprehension? Wormholes also referred to as “black holes”; there is a theory that states that if someone were to be sucked into one that they would be “speghettified” meaning that they would be stretched into an impossible length to be accomplished on earth. If they were to also be sucked through to the other end, would they end up at another place in time, or maybe 100.000 years in the future or 200.000 years in the past? Black holes have such a strong gravitational force that they suck light away. Where does the light go?
Where do all the missing socks in the dryer go? If you could go back to being a baby in your mother’s womb, would you be able to realize what was going on and would you remember it for the rest of your life of for a short period of time? If you went back in time to the age of two years, by the time you got to the age of 17, would you be any smarter? Or would everything simply be remedial? Just a thought for those of you out there who haven’t really sat down and had a good thought today…

18th July 09

- picture of us at the inter-competition ship

( from left: wai kin, lee tze hunt, 3 teachers include Mr Edwin, Brian, Aaron, don’t know, me, Barbie doll, hui wan, yee man, lisa, my bro Aiman, my lil sis Eyah, all all my fellow frends.) pity wie jiat and ah boon not there as well L

- me and Barbie Doll -

- me are shoo concentrate on the on the competition :p

Sorry, diz picture is a bit kabur… :P

From left:

(Mr. Karan, Tracy, me, and the bronze meddle girl)

Diz all happens yesterdae, it was still morning, as I woke up, I suddenly got a feeling 2check ma hndphone. Thre were 2missd cll fom ma teakowndo frend ( khit hui / Barbie doll – at 10 am ), I was shoo suprisd when she say “ TODAY is d TOURNAMENT dae!!” n I was lyke “OMG!! I didn’t prepared anything! Whut should I do??” then, I get all ma sis n kuzen ready 4d comp asap. We’re all very ‘kelam- kabut’ dat tyme. N everybody is in shockd. We’re all thought it was on sundae ( today! ) bt it wasn’t. we’re all l8 4d comp. bt, unfortunately, ma lil bro cnt compete cz he got his tuition class at school. Pity 4hym.On the way there, we’re going ;sesat; all over the place, then, at about 12.30 we’re arrived at our destination. It was near our taekwondo school. N guess wut, our bout number didn’t show up. N we’re very lucky 2have just one round dat dae. My teacher asked me 2learn sumthing of being MC there, is was not an easy job you noe. As I wait 4ma turn 2fight, I was helping them setting the winner setup, n printed some bout chat 4d referee.Ma kuzen got bout number 43, it was earlier than me. So, I get her a coach to coach her, as I am too afraid 2be a coach :P and its ah boon I choose. He was talented at treating people and a senior of mine, we’re lyke close enough, I consider hym as ma bro. yeay? Kawaii~ :P I loved being around hym. He got shoo much topic 2talk, as he is a talkative person. Sumtimes he might looks childish, just like me! Haha… enough of praising, let get back to the point. Ma kuzen lose in her battle, as dat little gurl noes ow to fight very well. Bt, shes put her effort in the battle, as it was her first, I think so. “GOOD JOB Syikin! U cn try next time if you like, I’ll always be wit you :D” A few hours n minutes later, it was ma turn to fight! N guess whut, I fight with the same girl I loose with two years ago! Her name is TRACY. Shes quite high than me, as I’m shorter than her :P I cant belive will met her again! It was just like a nightmare u noe! then suddenly ma bout number is called. And I was like “whutt??!! Its ma turn already?!!” im not ready. But what cn I do. I have to try. As I am in the arena, I fought with her. Her kick was HARD n SOLID. All the spectators can her the sound of her kick. It was like “ BAMM!! BOOM!!!” yeay. It cost a lot of pain. Im barely cn breath at that moment. When ma coach ( Wei Jiat ) sees me like I cant hold anymore, he gves a surrender. I was knocked out. Urghhh! It hurtz, but it fun! I can learn how she fights n it motivates me. Ater that all ma seniors tries 2relax me, as Im barely cn breath. Yeah, I saw their face. Ohh! I love ma seniors! They we’re kind n caring. I t8 some fresh air out side 4a moment. It was long enough 2wait 4ma lil sis turn. I n ah boon sembang2 4 a moment. We’re talking and lauhing all the time, till ma cheek hurts cz smiling a lot. I remember clearly our conversation“I cant study at tuition, do u noe why? Cz, my teacher there a guy, he got a very large belly, and every time Im his class I cant concentrate on whut hes saying cz, his belly is shoo BIG till, wherever he walks to, im only sees his belly.and sometimes I thing, is there any guy who gets pregnant? Cz he seems lyke pregnant 4 9month already!”I am quite evil aite? Haha! Bt really, it was funny though. Hes a good senior of mine, he gives me a lot of support n courage. And dun 4get about wei jiat, hes cute, just like Korean guy. Hes now taking a hotel and management course. Hes much taller than us ( me and ah boon ). I loved being around them! Hope we’ll be best fren  ohh2, dun 4get bout Barbie doll, hes cute also, I lyke her face, just like Barbie face. Hee :P luv ya dude!! As im ‘sembang2’ eyah’s battle has over, didn’t even see her fight, it’s a pity. Bt, hes won gold medal 4dat. CONGratS 2her!! :D me n syikin both got silver 4dat dae.

After finish the closing ceremony, we’re all going home early, we didn’t even get 2take picture with them cz we’re rushing 2go back 2our home sweet ‘kampong’. Haha…

That night, we’re all going back to kampong at Seremban. On the way there, we saw a horrible accident happens. A car is on burning. Fire all over the places. I don’t know if the driver is safe or not. Mmm. After we arrived at our peaceful kampong, the event has already finished. All people have gone back. We’re late. They invited us 2a feast. But, I’m not hungry, even I didn’t eat for a whole day.

Then suddenly happens something that all of us didn’t expect it to happened. It was the first time in my life, one of my auntie got hysteria. “I wanna drive fast, and killed all in the car”. That’s the word I never forget. She was very scary back there. I didn’t know it will be this bad.

After she got cooled down, we all get back at home. All of us were very tired. As I remembered, it was on 2.30 o’clock already. Yeah, its late when we finally get 2 bed.

- Nyte J -

19 JULY 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sisters from d start!!

Shes was born on 4th May. shes indeed was ma very best fwen fom d start. we've known each other since 4, while still in kindrgarden. her name is "Miera". there nothin more i cn tell yo'll bout her, shes lyke ma own sister. as tymes grows older, we bcame more closer. she knew everythin bout me.. when im mad, sad, n frustrated... she was a brave n independent gurl i eva met. shes now a vice prefect of ma scool ( SMK 27 ). I hope n pray for her success in life. hope we'll stay together n be bestie 4eva..
"Don't make her wait for you, just because you know she will."